Everyone in San Miguel carries a bag – gang member and nogangos. Nogangos is the name gang members have given to anyone not in a gang. If you aren’t wearing a household item or aren’t in a man gang you are a nogangos. Bags are the one thing that bring people together in San Miguel. They are not signs of gangs but signs that we have lots of art and Mexican stuff to buy in San Miguel. If you are sitting in the Jardin ask people if you can look through their bag. In fact most people will let your rummage without even having to ask. When you find art or Mexican stuff, hold it up and say
”Tell me where you got this?” Everyone who has been in San Miguel for more than one day will have a recommendation of where to find something “Fabulous”. But when you hear people’s voices drop and say the words “Fabrica Aurora” then you have found someone who is a “True Patron of the Arts”. These are the holy people of San Miguel.

No one goes out without a bag in case they find some art. So Bags are sold everywhere in San MIguel.