Street Gangs in North America identify themselves by picking their Color(s).  In San Miguel one gang has taken this to a new level by picking only one Color. Members are free to pick any single Color that speaks to their inner voice. Once they have that Color then they dress from head to toe in that one Color.

Some of the more successful members of this gang go on to join the Chameleon Gang.   Here they can put their color co-ordination to use and enslave a man.

Not content to just color themselves up, many paint their VW’s to match their Color.

If you see a pink VW then you can be assured that a vision clad in pink will emerge.  Why the VW?  No one knows.  The Mary Kay Car is missing a member. Well Mary Kay is missing more than a just a member.

As members immerse themselves in their color, the world begins to change.  This is the view of the Jardin from a member of the Blue Gang