Love Slaves

Gangs are not just about ART but also about LOVE. Women come to San Miguel to find LOVE. But there aren’t enough men to go around to provide the LOVE. So some women fall in love with San Miguel

I just LOVE it here in San Miguel.
San Miguel is so special to me.
There is such magic here.

San Miguel becomes their LOVER and their Muse. There is a book with that title.

But not all women are content to simply fall in love with San Miguel.  They want more. They want what they had back home.  Enter the gangs.  When a woman joins a gang she is given a new purpose – being a Gang Mama. A Gang Mama’ssole purpose is to capture and control a love slave.

A Love Slave has so many purposes

  • asset holders
  • bridge partners
  • beasts of burden
  • bill payers
  • place holders
  • wallets
  • fetchers
  • drivers
  • and so many more.

Single Men who used to be someone in the U.S. are lost in San Miguel and open to being captured and controlled.   Promise them clean underwear and cooked meals and they are yours.  They may offer token resistence at first but eventually the lure of the Gang Mama can’t be refused. They walk with their heads down following the MRS and waiting for instructions.

Capturing a Love Slave

Scouting For a Love Slave

Capturing love slaves is a major gang activity in San Miguel. Gang members work in pairs. Gangs are always on the look out for unattached males. Here two gang members search the Jardin for a love slave.

Shadowing a Love Slave

Once they spot an unsuspecting male they begin to follow him.

Rounding up a Love Slave

Soon one gang member moves ahead of the Potential Love Slave and the other walks behind him. Notice how members from two different gangs work together to share a Love Slave. Men are scarce so sharing is the only option.

Thinking of Escape

Using their womanly ways they entice him to be their Love Slave with promises of cooking and clean underwear. For a minute the Love Slave may try to escape.

Taking the Love Slave Home

But the lure of cooked meals and clean underwear is too much and he falls into step behind his Gang Mamas.


San Miguel Bag Boy

As soon as they are captured they are put to working by the gangs. This man has been indentured as a bag boy.

Burro Holding Love Slave


This man simply holds a burro and a horse waiting for his Gang Mama to come back
That is why gay men are so popular in San Miguel. They can still think and talk for themselves.

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