She stays in the doorway. Her friend is in the store buying her new gang clothes. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Should she join a gang or should she keep her old identity? She doesn’t know who she is anymore. She was a small town accountant back in the States but who will she be here? Will she be an actress or a sculptress? Will she have been the mistress of a famous shoe maker or Don Knotts? Will she tell people she has to avoid Doc Severinsen in the Jardin? Oh which gang? Is she a rug girl, a false boy girl, a classic girl? Does she have the flair to wear a tablecloth? Can she get a love slave? Life is hard for the newly arrived.


Several people have asked where do Gang members get their clothes. Often they are hanging just in front of you. This wall hanging was used very successfully by this gang member.

Other Gang members see something fetching hanging on a door or shop door and know it is for them


It is not always easy for Gang members. This poor gang member was wrapping herself in a chair throw when her love slave started to escape. As she ran to catch him the open weave of the chair throw got caught on a door knob and he got out the door. Since she can’t leave the house without wearing her gang outfit she tied it loosely around her hips and began to run after the escaping love slave. But he has a good head start. Again another gang member has experienced the downside of open weave.


There is an interesting short film by Caren Cross called Lost and Found in San Miguel . I had a tough time figuring out in the film who was Lost and who was Found. I wasn’t sure if the Lost part happened before they came or after them came to San Miguel and even more confused about what they had Found. As I looked around to find what they had found my blog was formed. The Found have found a sense of belonging that manifests itself in what I call joining a Gang – a gang you can’t find at home. Each gang has its colors and dress code and unique behaviors.

Some gangs are easy to identify but this gang member has me puzzled. I see a bag (but everyone has a bag). I see a table cloth. I see a Mexican blusa. I see little dolls sewn on the blusa. But I don’t see the theme. I don’t get this gang. Maybe she is Mexican but that answer seems to obvious. HELP


This is the latest contest about Gang Apparel