Sitting in the Jardin with a canvas, easel and paints opens you to inspection and judgment.  But carrying a huge camera where the picture is locked inside gives you the appearance of an artist without the judgment.  Find a tripod and you have found this gang.  These photographers are posed in front of the San Juan de Dios procession on March 9 oblivious to feelings of the people attending the event. The first picture is courtesy of Marjorie Maynes of Des Moines. She took it as part of her composition course in Photography.

This group of photographers had some fun with the procession route.  They stood right in front of the procession, only moving at the last moment.  Jesus looked really nervous.

Once that fun was over they moved to the Jardin to further intrude into people’s lives.

Finally they left the Jardin to find more “local” pictures to take.

Photographers lurk everywhere looking for that “Special Photo”.

Diane Arbus.. despair.

These photographers seem unable to understand how the taking of their “interesting” little pictures shows a complete disregard for the feelings and integrity of the photographed.