This Gang was started by one woman in her search for originality.  She has been in San Miguel for a long time as well as her trademark Parasol.

She is a testament to persistance.

Despite the Snickers she persisted in bringing Shade to San Miguel and soon the Parasols (never, never use the word umbrella) began to appear everywhere

More and more women are picking up the  Parasol,  blocking the sun and  hoping for rain. They  taunt by yelling “No UV for me” and have been known to use the parasol as a weapon.

This gang is growing far faster than people imagine. There is even a growing paper parasol contingent in the Jardin.

This gang can only be identified from the Parasol. Remove the Parasol and confusion reigns. This woman has a Classic Gang hat but a Rug Gang covering.


The discovery of this parasol by a contributor has the Jardin in a buzz.

Gangs are competitive in San Miguel. Members of the Rug Gang are always trying to outcarpet each other. The various Hat Gangs are always swamming the hat vendors in the Jardin for something “new”. Imagine the excitement of the Parasol Gang with this new Parasol. One member has even coined a new slogan “Here Comes the Shade”. So be prepared to lose the sun.

*Gracias to Suzanne Larosa for the multi parasol picture


This Gang constantly need new members and send shills out to the Jardin to find new members. The Parasol Gang was out this day. They start by searching the Jardin for unattached women – well unattached women who seem a bit lost – well unattached women who aren’t seated – well any unattached woman even though that is most of San Miguel.

She looks up and down and then begins the March of the Parasol. A twirl here, a glance there – always on the lookout for eye contact. After a good lengthy March, she stops to see who has noticed her.

recruiting-parasol2She finds a Cowgirl and collapses her umbrella for a heart to heart. Divorce talk usually is a good way in or the Magic of San Miguel or anything about shoes. The talk moves to what do you do all day in San Miguel and Doris our Chinese Parasol Shill has her opening.

new-parasol But Doris is not alone. There are many parasols and many shills. Sometimes Cindy takes the blue parasol and tries other parts of the Jardin.