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Classic Gang of SMA

Here are the rules for evening wear

The first gangs in San Miguel developed this early, always classic look. It is a variation on pearls and the little black cocktail dress. The only colors are black and white and/or beige. You will see no household items on their back, front, hips or shoulders because they have never taken an art courses. They have no need to be CREATIVE because they are the Patrons of the Arts. They define what is ART in San Miguel. They never carry bags as they buy their ART at the openings and have it delivered to their CENTRO houses or HOUSE WITH VIEWS. Key words they use are Fabulous, Smart, Darling, Let’s do ……, New.

Training to be in the Classic Gang

Novice Gang members need lots of help before they can be admitted to the Gang.

This Novice has been able to pass through the Eye of the Needle Test and this is her first day in the Jardin under the watchful eye of a Senior Gang Member. It is obvious from the picture what she needs to learn. It is almost a before and after picture.

Rules of the Classic Gang

The Classic Gang is the meanest gang in the Jardin and has the most rules.

Here is the detailed dress code for this gang for day time wear.

  1. Smart beige, black or white hat with only a white or black band.
  2. Combat Cocktail Sandals
  3. Striped top, or solid white and/or black top
  4. Capri pants (never touching the sandals)
  5. Smart jewelry
  6. Simple bag

Break the rules and expect retribution. The woman below came to the Jardin in Bicycling Pants, in a blouse that was too big, wearing runners and with no band on her hat. She was banished from the Jardin tout de suite. She knows now that she will only be welcomed in the Campo.

Classic or Not?

This person is not in the Classic Gang. She has broken three rules of the Classic Gang can you spot them?

Here is another mistake? Can you spot it?

Pop quiz – is this a Classic Gang member? Yes or no and defend your answer?

This is a bit harder. Is she or isn’t she part of the Classic Gang?

Another tough test?