This gang is identified by the yellow bag they carry announcing they are part of the Warren Hardy Gang. Warren is one of the few men to develop a large well organized Gang in San Miguel. He and his partner Tuli have been here since 1990 recruiting members.

They have four levels of membership.

Level 1’s can be seen struggling with their power verbs in the Jardin. They are constantly telling Mexicans what they want, need, like, can, have to and where they are going. Sometimes it is a question and sometimes it is a statement.

Level’s 2’s live in the past and tell Mexicans what they paid, saw, ate, cooked and where they went. For some this is a chance to reinvent their past in another language.

Level 3’s and 4’s are all very tense and have seven and more levels of tension. They can be understood by Mexicans and are very dangerous as they can now buy real estate.

* a special Gracias to Warren for the picture