The Navajo Indian Tribe believe that if you take a picture of them then you have taken their soul. They are not alone in this believe as evidence by this picture.

The Roman Soldier in this picture was part of the Juan de Dios Celebration in March. But look behind him and see a member of the Soul Capturer Gang. She believes she can capture someone’s soul with a picture. In the past she has taken the soul of a Sorcerer, a Clown, a Lady from the Red/Purple Hat Gang and Hillary Clinton. They are now part of who she is. And now she wants the soul of a Roman Soldier. Perhaps she wants his helmet or cute skirt or knee high socks.

Look in the Jardin, soon to see what part of his soul she took.

Gracias to Jenny Formanek for the picture.  Hillary was still a candidate at the time this picture was taken.