Every Friday a little newspaper is published in San Miguel called Atencion.

It is sold on the street, at the Biblioteca and in various location in town. But look carefully at what is in it as it gives powerful clues to who really runs San Miguel and the Gangs. Gangs in San Miguel need direction. Left to their own devices they congregate in groups in the Jardin and chatter about Real Estate

But once the Atención is out then they know what to do for the next week. The purpose of the Atencion is to tell people what to do and where to go. Look carefully at the words under Que Pasa. Atencion runs the Matrix of San Miguel. This is not a conspiracy theory but the truth.

The week is laid out for gangs. Almost every minute of the day is planned by the Atención. Every evening has one or more “ARTY” events like a play, singsong or poetry reading. Without Atención there would be nothing to do in San MIguel. But wait there is even more. The last part of the paper is full of REAL ESTATE listings. Real Estate is the Holy Grail of all Gangs except those on Social Security.