At the far end of the Gang Spectrum lies the Cheap Gang. For whatever reason this gang can neither afford to buy art nor take art classes. This gang is about the bargain. You know you are talking to a member of the Cheap Gang when they ask “What did you pay for that?” and then they tell you where they can buy it cheaper.

Another favorite topic of conversation is talking about places where you can eat for 25 cents or less.


It is difficult to find the habitat of members of the Cheap Gang. Being Cheap and Real Estate expensive, they will only rent. Below are two ads from Atención can you figure out which apartment would be rented by a member of the Cheap Gang.


APTS. PLENTY OF WATER. Mo. USD$400. Completely furn. Utilities included. 21 color cable TV. No deposit. 3 blocks Jardín. No Phone. [9-May/6]

CHEAP APARTMENT. USD$15 a month. No furniture, no phone, no shower, no fridge, no doors. Bathroom and kitchen shared with fun Mexican family of 15. Great view of Jose’s backyard. Comes with lots of barking dogs and crowing roosters. [2-May/6]


This Gang breaks all the clothing rules. Their calling is the Art of saving money. So the tag line to anything they wear is “I only paid 20 <lower the amount the better> pesos for this. Where do they find clothes that cheap — The Tuesday Market. Here they can buy there clothes for 10, 20 and 30 pesos. They have learned to be careful as some of the clothes are used and a few come with children.



Most food by the Cheap Gang is bought at the Tuesday Market. Mega and Gigante are dirty words. Notice that the finger pointing indicates she can’t speak any Spanish.


Most members of the Cheap Gang don’t own dogs. They find it expensive to feed them so they like to own pets that they can eat when they are bored with them. Here is a very popular Tuesday Market Vendor holding the most popular Cheap Gang pet in San Miguel – the chicken.