Sometimes it goes wrong in San Miguel. While you might doubt if you could go too far in San Miguel, this gang is proof that it is possible. Early gang activity in San Miguel was benign: a simple tablecloth worn over the shoulder, dressing from head to toe in blue, getting a facelift, wearing a red hat or saving a dog. But some people are not content with understatement. They want to be seen. They want to make a difference. They want the full experience. Hence the Clown Gang.

They are in your face honking their horns. They are playing tricks on tourists (an easy target). They are sitting beside you in the Jardin giggling. They are spilling pozole beside you in a restaurant. They are buying up all the Atencions. Despite the name, they aren’t much fun because they demand your attention.

There is a movement afoot in town to drive them away like the grackles were driven from the Jardin but until it happens, the best advice is not to make eye contact or engage them.

But remember too much rouge doesn’t make you a clown. You might think that the person beside you is a clown but it might be a woman who simply doesn’t understand the rules of makeup.