The Nimby Gang (Not In My Back Yard) is one of the oldest gangs in San Miguel. This Gang wants to keep San Miguel as it was when they arrived. The most recently Gang Activity was protesting the opening of Starbucks in the Jardin


Here is an Letter to the Editor of the Atencion expressing the NIMBY point of view

Please keep the Jardin/Centro free of commercial business and familiar looking signage which distracts from the historic and Mexican flavor of our wonderful town. We fully support Joy Emery’s fine February 22nd letter to you indicating her disappointment in the announcement of a Starbuck’s Coffee House on the Jardin’s perimeter. Where is our historic police force, INAH, in this important decision? A better location would be near Gigante, Mega or the newly announced Wal-Mart Store. My experience with Starbuck’s in California and particular, San Francisco, is that their locations become a major pedestrian traffic jam and their customers use the facilities as a second office (cell phones, computers, etc.). Let’s not disrupt the existing businesses in the Centro with yet another major competitor. The next thing we know, Peet’s Coffee will want equal billing across the Jardin, to be followed up with a Chili’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc. Slow down the growth! We recognize the financial impact to San Miguel but not at the expense of its charm and reputation.

Change is a terrible thing but some people who move to San Miguel think it is going to stay just they way it was when they arrived. This is the way they want San Miguel to look