If you hear the words “Let’s meet for drinks at Happy Hour at Harry’s or Mama Mia’s or some other Centro Bar”, be prepared for your world to disassemble.

Too much alcohol and age are a dangerous combination. Imagine your grandmother stumbling drunk through the Jardin. Imagine your great uncle feeling frisky with one of the waitresses. Imagine the power gang members have when a senior citizen is in his or her cups and vulnerable.

Those Gangs that can’t recruit members with Gang Colors, or with creative clothing, or with promises of no more loneliness use Happy Hour to make your theirs.

The following is a Review of San Miguel from Trip Advisor

We enjoyed going to Lefty and Poncho on Mesones 99 for coffee and desert. (No Visa)I am sure there are others but we really enjoyed eating at Tio Lucas on Mesones 103. The T bone steak was fantastic, happy hour 5-8, Music at 9, they speak English and take Visa. Romanos, on Hernandez Macias 93, was a great Italian resturant, upstairs, outback or inside. Food was more than enough. Happy hour all day, No Visa. Agave on Mesones 80 was another great place to eat. Happy hour, music and Visa. A great place for snacks in the afternoon was the Library (Biblioteca Publica) on Insurgentes. Buy the newspaper there, the Attencion, it has a schedule of what is going on for the week. Paper comes out on Friday. Snack bar, bathrooms, gift shop, movies, and tours, the Library is a nice place to spend some time and rest.

After Happy Hour you might find yourself waking up some morning wearing nothing but a bedspread and a new purpose in life.