This the Yin Gang to the San Miguel Yang Gangs.

While “yin” would be dark, passive, downward, cold, contracting, and weak, “yang” would be bright, active, upward, hot, expanding, and strong.

This Gang can’t exist without the Gangs of San Miguel. Its very being comes from the existence of other Gangs. As the Gangs of San Miguel were forming, there was a dark group who began to mutter among themselves. “Oh I am not like them”. They were the first to learn Spanish. They became Guides for THEM. They could translate signs, speak to contractors, tell maids to use or not use starch and understand Buenos Dias. They were the first to have Mexican friends and to read Mexican newspapers. However, they were the first expats to flee San Miguel to “more authentic’ places. They formed the I Wouldn’t Want to Live There Gang. San Miguel became a symbol of all that was wrong with Those Who Will Not Assimilate . Unlike the Spiritual Gang their truth came from a different higher power – the power of the intellect. This group reads books. One of their gods is Noam Chomsky. As they assimilated into Mexican culture, their righteousness factor grew. They had to spread the TRUTH.

This blog states the truth of Douglas Bower as quoted below

I’ve contended all along that there is a philosophy of expatriation that if one were to adhere to its principles, the average Joe or Jane American would have the least impact on the local culture when he or she moved to another country. Now, granted, I’ve been living in Mexico for only five years now and my main thesis in my diatribes has actually been evolving. But, what I’ve been after since I began writing is to find a way to communicate that historically, when Americans move to another country for whatever reason, they don’t tend to engage in cultural assimilation. I’ve postulated that the only access to culture is through language. Whatever the language of the country to which an individual moves, unless mastered with the highest possible proficiency, there can only be a very limited understanding of culture.

Because of the Yin and Yang nature of these groups, the Yang Gangs react strongly. Here is a comment from the website where Douglas made his post

Douglas Bower is well known and well-despised in SMA, GTO and elsewhere. He is so hated, he changes and abbreviates his name regularly and occassionally even uses his wife’s name.

PLEASE leave a comment and tell him where to shove it.

When most of us are actively working at fostering kindness and positve connections, this man goes around propagating hate and devisiveness. He does damage every time asks a Mexican, “Don’t you just hate GRINGOS?” “Don’t you just HATE that some of them don’t speak SPANISH?” (Nevermind that the overwhelming majority of people who live here sincerely LOVE Mexico/Mexicans/Spanish.)

His poor wife. He’s so verbose and arrogant, she must want to hang herself.

The rest of us wish he’d just shut the #@%$* up.

This epic battle of words will never end. The forces of Good and Evil will struggle forever. However, the I Assimilated Gang has basically left San Miguel although a few stalwarts still live there in the Campo. Their battle has moved from the Jardin to blogs, links, comments on blogs, lists and word of mouth.

* Editor’s note: I think the correct spelling is #@% and not to be confused with the very rude &$#@.

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