The Betty Complex haunts many women in San Miguel.  Women of the age that live in San Miguel are torn between honoring two icons of womanhood Betty Crocker or Betty Friedan. 

The conflict is at its greatest when faced with the loss of a man through either divorce or death.  The post on Love Slaves explains the Betty Crocker approach to capturing a new man – food and clean underwear.  For many gang members finding a man is a daily task for gangs.  They are rare and a common joke in San Miguel reveals that difficulty in finding a man. 

A woman sits in El Jardin beside a man and asks.  “I haven’t seen you before, are you new in town?”  He answers “I just got out of prison for murdering my wife.”  “Oh”, the woman replies “So you are single.”

  A little known fact about the Gangs of San Miguel is that Rhonda McKay from the Classic Gang is responsible for photographing any new male in town and posting them on a website.  Membership in a Gang allows access to this site.  

Life for this group is an extension of life back home. 

But the group who follow Betty Friedan are quite different. These women do not need a man and in fact can be rather hostile to men. They revel in the company of women and cheer each other on as they acquire more and more man knowledge.

This group is tricky to identify.  Sometimes they are confused with lesbians but they are quite a different Gang. Sometimes they are confused with men who look like old lesbians.  As a guide  this website has posted pictures of men who look like old lesbians to help sort out who is who. 

So you must be very careful if you approach this gang as you are never sure if you are looking at a member of the Betty Friedan Gang, a lesbian or an man who looks like an old lesbian but be assured that their former womanly ways are gone.  Here comes the short hair, sensible shoes, dangly earrings, books on birds, and anything men wouldn’t like.

If you spot a group of them in a restaurant they will not be looking at any man or woman in the restaurant.  They will be busy regaling each other with independence stories and how free they now feel.  They have learned it was the men and not the bras that the needed to lose.

*Thanks to Gina for the idea.