Unesco has admitted San Miguel to Heaven by declaring it a World Heritage Site. The Final Ascension occurred July 7, 2008 and was marked by Fire Works in San Miguel and a ten percent increase in house prices.

The Spiritual Gang have taken credit for the Ascension through their prayers and movement of Chi.

Many Bienes Raices have also taken credit through their Homes for Sale brochures.

The I Wouldn’t Want to Live There Gang still doesn’t want to live there but there resolve has been dampened a bit as they realize how far they are from Heaven. Many had been hoping for a refusal.

Rumors have circulated that some Gangs have raided the home of members of the Who’d Buy That Gang and removed many of the items on the No Buy List. Marcia Harris of the Classic Gang gave the following quote to Atencion

There is no place for the Power Parrot or a Circle of Friends in a city declared a World Heritage Site. We are a city of good taste and art and fully intend to root out bad taste when we see it.

One downside has been the inclusion of Sanctuary of Jesús de Nazareno de Atotonilco. It and San Miguel have been lumped together and many are unhappy because of the run down state of Atotonilco.

A group of residents are hoping to open a Starbucks in Atotonilco. The nuns who run the Cafe in Atotonilco are hoping to expand their operation and use Donatela Versace to design a new habit.


The For Sales have already appeared in Atotonilco. This wall is a real bargain.

Credits: to Gina who works for a Bienes Raices and now specializes in Atotonilco,  for the pictures