There have been posts on other sites by Grumbling Gang Members about non resident bloggers blogging about that which they know little. So here is the first I hope of many new gangs written by those deeply entrenched in the gang and not merely a casual watcher.

When the nights get lonely and Happy Hour isn’t enough then many people turn to Karaoke

The Karaoke Cantantes: This gang heads for Mama Mia’s every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night to sing on stage, lapping up beverages and bravas y bravos from the crowd. Karaoke Cantantes are unevenly divided between the Aguas (the minority), who purchase 4 to 6 botallas d’agua per night (keeps the throat moist, the mind clear, and the on-screen lyrics in focus) and the Barrachos (the majority)–drunks who lurch and spit while they sing (if you can call that singing), and who make the microphone stink of their cigarettes, tequila and beer. Fortunately, the two are simpatico, as the Barrachos cheer wildly for the Aguas and demand encores, and the Aguas smile patiently while the Barrachos are belting out tunes in B-flat when the key should be C, well aware that they, in comparison, sound like rock stars. The gang leader is one Luis Fernando Mendez Calixto, the baby-faced 30-year-old who teaches Cuban salsa in the main room on Fridays.

This gang is Fully Arted (Future Post)

Credit to Anne Nicolai