This blogger has taken a cruise in the hopes of finding more World Heritage Sites to discover if gangs exists in other parts of the world.  Visits have included London, Copenhagen, Berlin, St. Peterburg, Helsinki but they aren’t World Heritage Sites even though there are some strangely dressed people in both modern and ancient clothing.  Europe seemed to have an abundance of people dressed in clothing of past centuries standing outside buildings beckoning you to enter their favorite century.  No wonder our ancestors immigrated to avoid these history traps. 

 Despair was sinking in until the ship landed in Tallinn Estonia and voila – a World Heritage Site appeared.  There are gangs, restaurants, a central square, cobblestones, tourists, beggars and quaintly dressed people.  Seems that once the gangs appear a place is declared a World Heritage.  Some more investigation of Unesco is needed.  

So here is a comparision of Tallinn and San Miguel. 

It seems that God likes to locate in World Heritage Sites (actually he seems to be everywhere).  No World Heritage Site is complete without that towering church steeple. 



The first group to arrive are artists and artisans drawn by cheap house prices. 


There seems to be a relationship between World Heritage Sites and Cobblestone Streets. 


Of course with the cobblestone streets come quaint houses that are painted in World Heritage Site Colors.  These color palates are available at Lowes in the World Heritage Site Decorating Aisle.  

cobblestones and houses


And of course the doors.  What World Heritage Site isn’t about the Doors. 


Paint the house and the real estate agents will come.  Müüa is the same as Se Vender.   


Part of transistion a World Heritage Site is creating a Bilingual atmosphere.  


People will not come to a World Heritage Site unless there are colorful locals to photograph so they import beggars into town and have a few people dressed in local costumes standing outside places that charge admission.  How my grandmother would have loved to live in a World Heritage Site and have a job as a beggar. 


There have to be markets and a specialities found.  In Estonia the sweater has replaced the pancho. 


Then the Gangs will come. 

The first to arrive is the Classic Gang who are searching for Art and Second Homes 


They are soon followed by the gays who have inate ability to link art and real estate. 


And then the rest appear. 





But the scariest thing is Estonia was the Gauntlet that you have to run to get into Tallinn