Rules for Evening Wear

Those who wish to join the Classic Gang are more anxious than other gangs about wearing the right clothing. An earlier post showed the rules for Daytime Wear for the Classic Gang but a comment showed how incomplete the post was. There are rules for evening wear, lounge wear, car wear, exercise wear, opera wear, shopping wear etc. There is a book on the Classic Gang with all the rules but to date no Sala has been set with the author.

So here a guide to evening wear with no comments.

A big thank you to our Evening Wear Models Helen Davis (right), Marion Decamp (middle) and Paula Everson (left) for choosing three different looks.

Helen has chosen chunky jewelry to highlight her outfit while Marion goes with the simple scarf and Paula the classic artisan necklace.

This picture was taken at a Gallery Opening at Fabrica Aurora August 22, 2008 to show the range of Classic Gang Evening Wear.

Hats off to Jenny Craig for another weight loss success story.