The first annual Gang Festival will be held in San Miguel September 15 to 26.

Gather up your homeys and get yourself to the Jardin and about town (that is said with a Canadian accent so it sounds like ABOOT town).

Get those rugs and good works out as this Blogger will in town with his camera that week to update his blog with new pictures and stories.

For all those gangs that have not been identified yet make sure you are there and counted in the Gang Census.

You can pick up programs at Starbucks and any other North American Chains in San Miguel. Program to be published here as soon as it ready.

If you have a special activity or wish to set up a table in the Jardin please add a comment here so you can be added to the program

Gang Festival
September 15 to 26, 2008
San Miguel de Allende*

* A World Heritage Site division of UNESCO Co.

Monday September 15

Registration of Gangs

All Gangs
Morning, 10-12 am
Insurgentes 25
200 pesos (i.e Mexican Money)

Please sign in at the Bibleoteca and get your Gang Package

Meet and Greet

The Classic Gang
1-3 pm
El Jardìn

The ever well mannered Classic Gang will be hosting the opening Meet and Greet in the Jardin. This is a rare opportunity to meet members of the Classic Gang because they rarely enter the Jardin for social purposes. Note Fabrica Aurora will be closed while this event takes places

Parade of Gangs and Fireworks

Plaze del Gangs formerly Plaza del Toros

Each Gang enters the Plaza behind their Color Carrier. They will be in full Gang Regalia. Our Grand Marshall this year will be Helen Patterson (Facelift Gang)

Tuesday September 16

Mercado del Gangs

Mercado Ignacio Ramirez
All day

The merchants and their tourist wares, in the Mercado Ignacio Ramirez has been relocated for the entire day. Crews will be cleaning and painted and decorating all night so that the Market (Mercado) will be suitable for Gang Shopping. Here is a partial list of what will be available

  • Pret a Porter Household Coverings – table runners, hall rugs, shower curtains, drapes, table cloths, etc
  • Combat Cocktail Sandals
  • Power Parrots, Onyx Bookends, Sequined Sombreros, and all manner of Stuff for snickers
  • Consultations with local Plastic Surgeons
  • Free Hugs (from the Spiritual Gang)
  • Free Translations – courtesy of the Warren Hardy Gang
  • Table after Table of Doing Good Works Gang Members sharing their Good Works
  • Free blood pressure tests from Cowgirl Doctor Gang
  • Dunk the Man booth by the Betty Complex Man

Wednesday September 16

Workshop Day

Love Slave Seminar
Finding, Identifying, Capturing and Keeping Love Slaves
Hotel Real Minas
2 pm
100 pesos

The Classic Gang
Parlez Français Avec Moi – Shopping in Provence
24 Casa Sierra Nevada
3 pm
By Invitation only

How Make Friends at Art Events
Learn how identify people like yourself at art events. Learn a few helpful catch phrases for plays and musical evenings and what never to say. Learn how to distinguish between and artist and an unkempt person.
11 am
45 pesos

Male Gangs Retreat
A chance to make the noise stop
In the Campo
All day and night
200 pesos

Six New Artisans
This field trip has been organized by the Finding the Artisan Gang. It will highlight six new artisans found in the last week in the Gringo Free Zones. These Artisans are undiscovered so prepared for bargains. Please no high heels or expensive jewelry. Light lunch will be served on the bus. Translators available
Gringo Free Zone
Meet at 9 am at the Mega parking lot
400 pesos

What Does This Mean
The Translation gang will be holding an event similar to the Antiques Roadshow where you can bring them menus, flyers, signs, Mexican Govenment papers for the translator to translate
El Jardin
10 am to noon
1 peso per word

Good Work of the Day
Bring your brooms and mops and cleaning supplies and your maid if you want. Today is a chance to clean up a Gringo Free Zone
Upper Santa Julia
11 am until finished
No charge just good feelings

Thursday September 17

Picking a Theme For Your Gang

11am – 4 pm
Instituto Allende

Talk to Members of the following Gangs about how they found their Theme. See if their Theme could be your theme

  • Backlot Gang
  • Canadian Gangs
  • Cheap Gang
  • Clown Gang
  • Foodie Gang
  • Karaoke Gang
  • San Miguel Disney Gang
  • Shaman Gang
  • Who’d Buy That Gang
  • Friday September 18

    Getting Arted – Gang Style

    Various Venues throughout San Miguel
    All day

    This is your chance to be an artist for a day and experience what all those ill kempt people in town do. Remember you live in an Artist’s Colony and at some point you have to do something arty so join in these activities. They will be easy to find. Look for people crowded around something and in the middle will be an art activity. Here is a sample of what you will find on Getting Arted Day.

    • Fingerpainting for Seniors
    • Taking Pictures of Doors
    • Birds Can Sing and Dogs Can Bark
    • Mime – Standing Still and Making Money
    • Dancing on Cobblestones – Trip and Be a Star
    • Painting Walls
    • How the Power Parrot Will Lead You to Folk Art
    • Listening to People Speaking Spanish
    • The Art of Getting Lost
    • Who’s on the Twenty Peso Note
    • My Clothes My Canvas
    • The Difference between Good Art and Art Carney
    • Art for Dummies and Expats