It was common in the seventeenth and eighteenth century for native tribes to raid Dutch, German and English settlements in North America. Some settlers would be killed but some would be captured and taken to live with them. After a while the captives dressed and acted like natives and when found often fought to stay where they were. The modern term for what happened is the Stockholm Syndrome where the captive begins to identify with the capturer and lose touch with what happened to them. Patty Hearst is one of the primary example of this Syndrome.

In Mexico this syndrome has given rise to a rather strange gang called The Too Many Gringos Gang. This is not a gang in the proper sense of the word but rather a collection of individuals who all share the same belief that they aren’t Gringos despite the evidence to the contrary. The Gang never meets nor has a club house because of their belief that two gringos is one gringo too many.

Their birth certificates state they were born in Canada or the United States, but they believe that really should have been born in Mexico. No group in Mexico has yet taken responsibility for turning these once normal Americans and Canadians into the Too Many Gringos Gang. It is not sure if the change occurred in Mexico but once in Mexico they start to say “Not staying here – Too Many Gringos” So unlike other expats who believe they are moving to Mexico to retire, this gang believes they are moving back home.

Once home they begin their transition to a Non Gringo by distancing themselves from those they now call Gringo. As they become more and more acculturated to Mexico they begin to identify and sympathize with the locals and identify less and less with where they were born.

Little is known about their habitats and habits, because once they see a Gringo they Go. Yet the Gringo and their ways define in part who they are. If they don’t use the expression “Too Many Gringos for Me” at least once a week their very reason for existing disappears. (Not sure who they would use that expression with or perhaps they say it in Spanish). It appears that Blogs are the way for this Gang to attach Gringos without actually having to enter their Gated Communities.

When a Gringo spies at a distance a member of the Too Many Gringos Gangs, all they can think of is Joseph Conrad’s novel the Heart of Darkness. One of their own is “Going Native”.

When a Too Many Gringo Gang member spies a Gringo they see the embodiment of dead, white, European male culture and the shame they feel being a part of that repressive regime.

There can be no meeting of the minds between these two groups because each believe the other has no mind.