San Miguel Disney – Be a Part of the Events

The worst sign to see in an amusement park is “Employees Only”. That is what is so great about San Miguel Disney. There are no such signs and if there are they are in Spanish and can be ignored. That means there is no where you can’t go or nothing you can’t participate in. The Churches put on shows every Sunday. There is usually a wedding or funeral in the Parroquia that can be photographed.

San Miguel Disney – Photographing Real Life

This man is rushing to take a picture of a local funeral. The choice of a funeral as the subject matter for a photograph offers proof of the inability to distinguish real from unreal. Does he stand outside his local Funeral Home in Depew, New York and take pictures of funerals?

Photographing a funeral is not on the San Miguel Disney Photo Card.

It would be interesting to hear his Funeral Story that accompanies the picture.

San Miguel Disney Photo Game Card

The Photography Gang has helped the San Miguel Disney Gang create the Photo Game Gard. These cards can be picked up at Starbucks and take the guess work out of what to photograph in San Miguel. Each photo is given a point value.

Here are some sample points

  1. A wooden door – 2 points
  2. A local standing in front of a wooden door – 4 points
  3. The wooden door wide open – 6 points
  4. You, the open wooden door, and the local – 8 points
  5. You, the local, and the wooden door but taken from the inside – 10 points

Collect 100 points and get yourself photographed with the Horseman Guard of the Jardin

San Miguel Disney – Buskers and Beggars

Buskers fill the Jardin. For only a few pesos, it can be a lot of fun to have your picture taken with an old women beggar. But never never go up to a beggar. Let them come to you. Some gang members in San Miguel look like Beggars and would be offended with being offered only a Peso for a picture.

In this picture the woman on the left is the Licensed Beggar.

Many buskers dress as small children and sell chicklets or toys. Whatever price they ask, offer half.

San Miguel Disney – Parades, Processions and Photos

San Miguel has parades almost every day just like the end of day parade in Disney World. These little angels were the height of fun at something called Juan de Dios that means Don Juan The Swordfighter.

So you can bring your camera and get right into the middle of a festival and be part of the fun.

These people stood in the front of the parade and had some fun with parade participants about whether or not they were going to move out of the way and let them pass.

Don’t let good manners get in your way for any photo.

The whole city is yours to photograph.


Fireworks are set off in San Miguel in the evening and the morning by local merchants to bring expats into town to buy stuff. Many expats sit on their terraces each night waiting for the fireworks to announce the latest midnight madness sale in town.


In North America we have easily identified themes for parades – Christmas, Victory, Veterans, Easter but pray tell what this Parade is about.

No wonder the expats and Tourists think they are in Disneyworld. Are they celebrating the Betty Complex Gang? Is this some ugly grandmother day? What would be the theme of this parade.

Or this one?

Indigenous Heritage Day?

Given the amount of festivals and parades in San Miguel heads never stop spinning long enough fill with thoughts. It is one Disney experience after another.