It appears from comments I have read and from what people have reported to me that commenting on San Miguel has a residency requirement. If you don’t live here you are not allowed to comment.  Or if you do make comments they are dismissed as those of someone who doesn’t live here. (SWDLH). So I am back in San Miguel for six weeks to fulfill part of my residency requirement.

But I am unsure of the residency requirement rules that must be completed before you are allowed to comment on San Miguel.

What I am Doing to Fill my Residency Requirments

  • I am renting but hope ownership is not a requirement for commenting.
  • I am not living in Centro or those places with a view but in Colonia San Antonio so I perhaps my authority is a bit diminished.
  • I am moving on Friday to a more Mexican part of San Miguel so I hope that will create some authenticity.
  • I took the bus here. (Well part of my journey was in an airplane)
  • I am giving up Canadian Fall and an Canadian Election to fulfill my residency requirement.  So there is sacrifice on my part
  • I bought something in Dolores Hidalgo last week that was tasteful and not Talavera although my niece bought two items on the Don’t Buy Lists
  • I have been shopping at Mega, and Bonanza but did walk through the San Juan de Dios Market on Sunday looking for mushrooms and did ask in Spanish if they sold mushrooms (and they don’t)
  • I bought a shirt at the Tuesday Market because my bag didn’t arrive on the flight with me.  It has since arrived.
  • The shirt I am wearing in the picture I bought at Mega on sale for $9.99 99 pesos and gave the 1 peso change as a tip to the boy who put it in a bag.  I said Gracias
  • I have reviewed Warren Hardy’s Level 1 verbs and have used several along with the power verbs.
  • I bargained in the Ignacio Ramirez Mercado so that my niece had some gifts (regalos) to take home
  • I had two local residents over for dinner and didn’t pretend this was my house
  • I have sat in the Jardin several times
  • I went to a charity fundraiser
  • I had drinks with two local bloggers at Tio Lucas and met a third blogger while drinking
  • I bought fruit from a street vendor and ate it
  • I bought Jicama and ate that too
  • I negotiated with a taxi driver to take me to La Gruta and was so pleased it only cost $1000 pesos.
  • I read Atencion (and yes I know there is an accent somewhere in it) and am holding up this week’s edition to prove I am here or perhaps it is a kidnap fantasy thing.  If anyone receives a ransom note made out of letters to editor of Atençion then you know it is a kidnapping
  • I have a maid five days a week and now have clean underwear
  • I went to a Feria but alas bought nothing.
  • The highlight of yesterday was being stopped by Caren Cross’ husband who was handing out phamplets for a viewing of her film Lost and Found in San Miguel.  Caren was there looking for the K in her name.  I was surprised to see her husband as I thought from the film he wasn’t as keen as she was and should be living in the US.
  • went flower picking at the Charco del Ingenio.

I hope several of these activities will allow me one or two comments on San MIguel but bottom line I am a member of the blogging gang and if I don’t blog I no longer exist.