For this person the dream has come to an end.  They want out of Heaven.  Yes, it is true, sometimes, for some people, San Miguel is not Heaven.

People do leave San Miguel and not always feet first.

When that happens they turn to the Angels of Real Estate to get them out of heaven.  These Angels of Real Estate or the Ángeles de Bienes Raices exist in San Miguel to facilitate the movement of the Disaffected out of Heaven.  This person is so eager to leave San Miguel that he/she has enlisted not only the help of Four Angels of Real Estate but decided to get involved in a self transition.  What could go so terribly wrong?  How did this (translated by a member of the Translator Gang)

turn into a cry for help to Four Angels of Bienes Raices.  It must have something to do with the US Real Estate Market as no one would ever leave San Miguel unless it was for Financial Reasons, although it has been said that an art altercation, or failure to be accepted into a first run Gang can initiate a flee.

So if you want to help this poor soul out, and have a ton of cash(can’t find the price of this place for after a very exhaustive search and not sure if the house if #8 or 6A) then call one his/her Angels or even the disaffected him/herselves.

NOTE:  If any Angel of Real Estate is reading – can you give us a price for this piece of heaven.  Who knows maybe someone reading this blog is ready for you to be their Angel of Real Estate