In the cafés and sushi bars of San Miguel you will find the Right Type of White People rather hot under the smart straw hat these days.  Well actually they have been rather hot under the hat since George Bush stole the election from Al Gore.  Well actually, they have been hot under the hat since the War in Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement.  Injustice all over the world is the driving force behind the Liberal Gang of San Miguel.  The only item of clothing that might identify them would be this

or a cleverly placed little bumper sticker on their car.  This group believes capital punishment is wrong, a woman has the right to choose, gays deserve the same rights at heterosexuals, discrimination is systemic, most corporations are evil, Michael Moore speaks only the truth and The Fox Network is biased.  They all speak spanish with varying degrees of facility.  They have travelled in Europe, Asia and of course Latin America.  Most have at least a B.A. and not from a state college.  Their children work in meaningful jobs.  Houses are filled with Mexican Folk Art.

But since the Republican convention, they are rather upset because the Wrong Type of White Person has gotten access to power

OMG Sarah Palin is uneducated, stupid, unaware, xenophobic – the perfect example of the Wrong Type of White People.  And the Liberal Gang is on the attack throwing in a teenage pregnant daughter and shooting wolves from an airplane as more proof she is the Wrong Type of White Person.  Tina Fey does a brilliant send up of her.  The Liberal Gang (See Smug Gang) loves it.  But they forget that she is the archetypal White Victim and a lot of the Wrong Type of White People are saying “Don’t be mean to her, she’s like me, I want her to win!”

OMG she might even be president.  How did the Wrong Type of White People get so far?  How did the Right Type of White People lose power?  Thank God I am in Mexico and in San Miguel with all the Right Type of White People who share my belief in the world. I am safe here but OMG Sarah Palin – how did that happen



To my son for the Wrong Type of White People who don’t like his Stuff and for the Sarah Palin as Victim analysis