Some members of the Rug Gang and the Betty Complex Gang has gone a step too far in San Miguel.  Together they have created a new gang based on that famous Clint Eastwood Movie. 

It is no longer about ignoring men it is about eliminating men.  With Sarah Palin as their inspiration, women have turned to the Gunfight as a way to show their power and show men in San Miguel who is Boss.

Umaran has become Calle Gunslinger.

Other Gangs are outraged that the Fistful of Pesos Gang is reducing even further the numbers of Single Men in San Miguel but are powerless to do anything about it.

Will the Horsemen of the Jardin stop the Gunfight?  Will a new Sheriff have to come to Town?  Why did McCain pick Sarah Palin and allow a Gun Packin Momma to become a new folk heroine?

This election is bad enough in the US without the Republicans rearing their ugly head and reducing the population of Single Men even further.