Every boy wanted a Club House

Sometimes Dad built a tree fort with the requisite No Girls Allowed Sign.  Sometimes a boy made do with a cardboard box or a corner of the basement. 

Once the Club House was secured, a boy began to gather Club House members.    Generally a copy of Dad’s Playboy found under the bed or an old copy of National Geographic with tits would get other boys to join. 

A pledge of secrecy was made; rules were made and within a week it had all fallen apart as there was nothing to do. 

Years pass, retirement happens.

Betty wants to move to San Miguel.

A house is built that requires daily supervision. 

But once built and Betty goes off to decorate, there isn’t a lot to do.  That sense of unease that created the childhood Club House starts to emerge. 

Men start to come to Jardin to find buddies for a new Club House.  Since the little woman won’t let them hold meetings back in the house, they form the Club House in the Jardin – on the benches or on any seating area they can find.  They talk about the past and sports and a bit about those magazines Dad had.