She has come to the Jardin to face the Conchera Dancers for Parade Control of San Miguel de Allende.  Each has dressed for the contest.  Each has been picked for their skill in dancing.  Each knows that the winner determines who will be in the Afternoon Parade.  The judges are scattered around the Jardin waiting.  His drummer is ready.  Her Kenny G music is ready on the boombox.  Each will dance for five minutes, and then be judged.  The winner will determine Conchera Dancers or Gang Members for the Afternoon Parade.   The contest will happen again to determine Evening Parade and again the next day for Morning Parade.

The battle for control of San Miguel de Allende is often fought in these seemingly small but significant encounters during the Fiestas de San Miguel.  Little by little Gangs gain more and more control of what happens until someday it is hoped there will be a Thanksgiving Day Parade.