Everyone carries a Bag in San Miguel. There are no exceptions. Bags can be full of food or art or clothes or books or just stuff.

For some unfortunate souls, these bags are like shiny objects to crows.  They have to know what is in the bag.

At first they will merely looking into an open bag hoping to catch a glimpse of something.  If that fails then they might kick the bag hoping that the contents will spill on the ground.

If that fails then the old “What a lovely bag you have, may I look at it.”  Now they have your bag in their hand and have chance to decide who you are by the contents of your bag.

The last desperate move is to do what this lady in the picture is doing – looking through the bag by force.  Since so many Americans are conditioned at airports for security checks, many simply assume she is Homeland Security and will meekly submit to her search.

There is a solution – the zipper bag