Modern Pocahantas was in town for the Conchera Dancers.

Marrying a White Man meant she lost her native status and was forced to move off the reservation and change her name to Debbie.

Little by little she started to adapt to the ways of the White Man and begin to lose who she was.

When she came to San Miguel she knew that being native would be welcomed and even admired.  Everyone would own a Dream Catcher, would want an aboriginal friend and  would have their own story of their 1/16 aborignal ancestry.  

So Debbie became Pocahantas again and whenever the Conchera Dancer some to town she gets a good seat on the steps of the Parroquia and lets her heart fill.

Expats look over and point and say

“That is Pocahantas my aboriginal friend.  She is one with nature and I have learned so much from her.”