When does a costume become more than a Dress Up thing?

We all know that George likes to pretend he is the President of the United States but what is he pretending he is here.

Is this Geisha George?  What thought, if any, is going through his head.

Now, take the concept of Dress Up Day and take it to San Miguel.

It may appear the every day is Dress Up Day in San Miguel.  There are the Barbies, or My Little Pony, or the Pirate but a group has been uncovered who Dress Up like Locals.  They have blurred the line  between Ethnic Dress and Dressing Up.

Generally Ethnic Dress is worn by street vendors but a group of Expats has been discovered in San Miguel who disguise themselves as Locals. These two women, to the naked eye,  look like local Mexican Women about to sit in a doorway and sell some dolls but in reality they are Expats. Yes that is right EXPATS.

Is something going on here?  Are they con artists?  Why would they want to be confused with local Street Vendors?  Perhaps they are CIA agents.  Perhaps they are shills for Real Estate Agents.  Perhaps they are in the witness protection program.  Perhaps they are desperadoes hiding out from the Federales.  Perhaps they are part of the Too Many Gringos Gang.  Perhaps they are part of the Disney experience.

Maybe every Street Vendor in San Miguel is really an Expat who pretends they don’t speak English.

This new development is paranoia making.  The world is turned upside down when expats act like locals.  Why soon we might see, Mexicans in the local Starbucks.