The ultimate Gang in San Miguel is the Political Gang.  People move to San Miguel and put up election signs on their San Miguel property indicating their political preference for an election that is taking place in a foreign country. 

Every party and dinner party and Jardin sit leads to a discussion about THE ELECTION.  For a Canadian whose prime minister called an election in September and had it over within a month, this US political process seems endless.  Yet no election in the US election has been followed as closely by foreigners than this one.  The world is watching. A great deal of hope rests on the outcome of this election.

tupeloI will be in Tupelo, Mississippi tonight to watch the US election.  Elvis was born there.  Need I say more.

Deb Hall has a post on a poll she did among the Purhepecha.  That post inspired this post. 

The world and one little Gang Blogger in Tupelo, is watching, tonight, for a sign that the United States has gotten it right.

If they don’t get it right, then I and the people of Purhepecha give up and the Bad tourist from the post Good Tourist Bad Tourist  wins.