Barbie is an Icon. Icons never grow old. Our Icons stay as they were when we first encountered them.

Yet it appears that the Barbie Icon is really hard to let go of even though all the evidence would suggest otherwise.

San Miguel, however,  is a sanctuary where Barbie can come and live out the rest of her life as Barbie and few people will bat a false eyelash.  Here Barbie and her older girlfriend Debbie are going for a milkshake at Starbucks.

Being Barbie is fine for the Barbie Gang but it makes for visual confusion for others and trauma for young men.

Looking like 25 from the back and 75 from the front creates one of those moments that are hard to forget.  Perhaps it is a feminist plot to make younger men pay for lascivious thoughts and actions.  Imagine seeing a hot chick ahead, running all those “male hot chick things” in your head, walking a little faster, getting in front, turning around to use “the line” and seeing your great grandmother.  The young man is scarred for life.  He can never look at a Barbie again from behind and not be a lot cautious.  It is just not right.

So look at the images below.  All are taken from behind.  Now imagine what a young boy is going to see.

There is a rumor that a new Charitable Group is being organized in San Miguel to help young boys recover from their first BGRO Barbie Got Real Old experience and perhaps even require warning signs.  Yet other rumors persist that the feminists are having such fun with all this.