Pirates in San Miguel were a bit lost until Johnny Depp starred in The Pirates of the Caribbean and made Pirates romantic.   Prior to Depp the only pirate image, known in San Miguel was Errol Flynn, but he was a bad boy, a very bad boy.  The Sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean has created a huge demand for Pirate Lovers in San Miguel and as always there was a Gang to meet that demand.

But a Pirate is always a Pirate.  They live to loot not love.  And in San Miguel this Gang is no different.  They look to be loving ya but all the while they looking to loot ya.  Many women in San Miguel have come home after a night of Pirate Play to find their wallets empty.  They never think it could be the Pirate Lover.  No Johnny Depp would never steal.  They just think another Mexican has ripped them off.

Here is one of victims of the local Pirate Lover Gang. She is only looking for love but already he has been through her change purse and taken all her small pesos.

His words of comfort are only covers for his looting.

No sooner has she left that he is at the corner looking for another one to love and loot.

Credit: Suzanne Larosa for the Concept