Several women have complained that the focus of the blog is on women and not enough on men.

But look at this picture of a San Miguel Man and try to figure out what he could differently

The problem is that god has not given men a big enough variety in clothing like she did women.  Hats, hair, facial hair, shirts, pants, shoes and bags -that is about it.  We have no jewelry.  We have no make up.  We have no capes (other than when we are Superheroes).  We only have three colors.  Our choices are limited and so we appear quite similar and that is all the camera can capture.

So let’s review the choices San Miguel men have made.  Given the categories, each man in San Miguel has 4 to 6 choices with some choices much more popular than others.  It is like a shopping list.  Make your choices and voila you have your own San Miguel Man.  Perhaps single women could make life sized cut out dolls and dress them and have them sit beside them in the Jardin.  All the choices are set out below

Our First choice is Facial Hair.

 Men who decide on facial hair, have these six choices. Each creates it’s own view.  The most common choice in San Miguel is B  – the full beard.  At Christmas the tug to red suits is strong.

Choose Facial Hair

The next decision and often genetics makes this decision is Hair.  The most common choice in San Miguel appears to be the Pony Tail.  Not sure what that is about.  Perhaps they are growing future material for wigs.

Choose Hairstyle

The hat is another area of expression but Choice B the Straw Hat ususally wins hands down.

Choose Hat

Everyone in San Miguel carries a bag and here are the male choices of man bags.

Choose Carry All

The Upper Area Covering is another area of some expression but again 6 choices seem to be the extent.  Choice D the fleece vest is very very popular

Choose Shirt

Shoes are a bit a window in a man’s soul as they tell you a lot about how he plans to go somewhere.  Hiking books make a much different statement than Crocs.

Choose Shoes

Choose Pants

And lastly the pants.  Not much here other than long or short.

So you take a selection from each column and you have a San Miguel Gang

Here are so more San Miguel men.  Look at the choices they made from the above template.  This is the best they can do.   Here we have no hat, pony tail, the plastic with handlebags + backpackX2, shorts,vestguy121

And another with a smart Panana hat and Jeans.