There are no rules in San Miguel.  Not only can you Reinvent Yourself you can also relive the past.

He Man and My Little Pony are longer distant memories but can be acted out and relived again.

No one is going to look twice.  No one is going to judge.

This woman lives My Little Pony every day of her life in San Miguel.

She comes to the Jardin searching for others who share her love of My Little Pony.

Most days she leaves disappointed that no one else wants to play My Little Pony.

So she goes homes and takes out her collection of My Little Pony dolls she brought from home and wishes and hopes to find someone, someday who will share her love of My Little Pony.

The Dream is not always realized but there is Hope.

But today was a very special day – the horses came to town.  Our Little Pony was there to shake her mane and feel that her people were there.  Today she felt SPECIAL.