Men love to be Pirates and sail La Presa.

A  previous post has already covered the Pirates who are Looting for Love

This man/boy loves his bicycle and the earth more than women.  He is the Pirate Biker.

This is not Hell’s Angels in San Miguel –  he is not here to harm.  He is here to hug the earth.  Being environmentally conscious he substituted a bicycle for a motorcycle.  Deep down he sort of thought he might evoke an Easy Rider sort of image but it didn’t quite turn out that way.

In fact when most women see a pirate on a bicycle, with a pony tail and a backpack they start to snicker.

Yes women in San Miguel do snicker at men.

Our Pirate Biker loves to stand on the benches in the Jardin and say “Land Ahoy me Maties” or pretend he is walking the plank.  Most people just ignore him as the photo shows.

There is no end of fun for man/boy gangs.