There is no difference between making tortillas and ART.

Without sales they both pile up.

Granted art has no shelf life, but after a while ART begins to take over space in the STUDIO and the artists will be forced to recognize their connection with the Tortilla Seller.

Creativity and Economics are linked. The Artist can’t spend all day in the STUDIO making ART or they will run out of space.

Several local artists have been trapped in their studios for days looking for the way out.

Most start in Parque Juarez leaving a few pieces of art in the Garden to tempt passers by.  It sort of like an Easter Egg Hunt but with art.  Somewhere in the bushes will be a piece of art for you.

Others use the Art Against the Wall strategy to unload the ever growing art inventory.

Other use local restaurants to display and store their inventory – name, title and price.  It is a win win situation for the restaurant and artists.  Restaurants fill their walls for free and artists get to empty out the STUDIO.

So be careful in San Miguel that you don’t trip on Art.  Trip on art and you bought it.  The Space Starved Artist has just had something taken off their hands and out of their STUDIO so they can live to create another day.

Isn’t art grand.