Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus summer in San Miguel.

With all the white beards in San Miguel, Santa can pass unnoticed in the city and Mrs. Claus pictured here likes to eat and take art classes.  She wears red because that is what a Mrs Claus does

Mr. Claus (Santa to the children, Gary to his friends) just likes to be in the Jardin.  He loves to talk, shake his belly and generally be Jolly.  But he is incognito in San Miguel.   Remember finding a white beard doesn’t mean you have found Santa.  Finding a white beard in San Miguel is like finding sand on the beach.

Santa or Gary is the inspiration for all the GOOD WORKS gang.  Every good works gang has an iconic member with a white beard who members call Santa.  When things get sad, as they sometimes, do doing good works, the Iconic Santa is called upon to cheer the good doers up.  Every Good Work wants an Iconic Santa but a few wonder why their Iconic Santa leaves every December and comes back exhausted in January.  “I guess Gary, has family up north”.  Gary never lets on who he is.  Although sometimes with a  little twinkle in his eye and he might even lay a finger aside his nose as a clue

Mrs. Claus (Tiny to her friends) loves to paint.  She loves that she doesn’t have to paint cars and trucks and dolls like she does at the North Pole.  She can be a true artist.  As generous as her husband she gives them to anyone who will take them. Here is her last and hopefully last painting.

Tables Have Turned by Tiny Claus, San Miguel April 2005