While in San Miguel, a lady from Bayfield, Ontario, kept telling me to look at THEIR feet. I didn’t because I thought she had a shoe fetish and didn’t want to start that conversation. Besides as a man,  the purpose of a shoe is to gets you from A to B. Little did I know until the comment on the Blog from Emily about the San Miguel Cocktail Combat Sandal.

A quick search of the internet led me to a source that confirms their existence and actually sells them. I then had to go back through my pictures and lo and behold there they were.

Further research revealed that The San Miguel Shoe was the creation of Santiago Gallardo Muniz, who created the shoes so that rich art patrons in San MIguel would not fall on the cobblestone streets and be unable to buy their daily art dose while they recovered. His wife Martha was behind his discovery.

These shoes identify you as someone from San Miguel and there even seems to be a cult founded by this woman who made this comment

When I wear mine it is not uncommon for women to stop me and ask me where I got them

When I found this quote then I knew why they wear them. I had forgotten about women and shoes. Shoes are the portal to the soul. They are recruitment tools. Look at my feet and you are mine. Women will do anything to wear comfortable shoes that look good – even join a gang.

Another clue was the word Combat – a gang term if I ever heard one.

In fact there are newer shoes that make fighting even easier.