Gang Elements

This picture is a chance to review what makes a Gang a Gang.

  1. Shoulder covering
  2. Combat Cocktail Sandals
  3. Jewelry
  4. Hat

This woman has draped around her shoulders what she calls a shawl but her housekeeper calls a washing machine cover.

    She has chosen the proper footware –  San Miguel Cocktail Combat Sandals.  She can now tackle the cobblestones on her way to a new Gallery Opening or her Art Class or her favorite Shop.

    Her attention is fully focused on her new life’s focus – finding more jewelry to express who she is.  There appears to be no end to the amount of Jewelry a Gang Member needs.  Each Feria shows them another piece they must have.

    When she turns to the right she will horrified to realize that she is missing the vital San Miguel Gang Requirement – the Clever Hat.

    Hats make a big difference.  They complete an outfit and a look. Look at how uncomplete the woman is before she puts on her hat.  The hat with it’s simple black band protects you from the sun and proves that you are a part of a gang.  If a woman or man is without a hat then you know they are not gang members and are either forgetful tourists or rebellious.