The origin of this Gang’s colors and theme came from a misunderstanding. Helen Patterson came to San Miguel in late October 1992 for a facelist or “mascaracuero” which means mask to hide an old lady in spanish

November 2 was the first day she felt well enough to venture forth from the Spa after her surgery. As she walked the streets she began to cry when she saw all the Day of the Dead pictures, carvings and objet d’arte. Self centered, speaking not a word of Spanish and knowing nothing about Mexican customs she thought that the town had put on this festival to cheer her up and to celebrate her new look. Immediately she bought a house in Centro and remodelled it with some of the proceeds of her divorce. As more and more facelifts were done in San Miguel Helen, still speaking no Spanish nor knowing anything about where she lived, recruited fellow macaracueras into her Gang. Each November 2 they parade in the streets of San Miguel showing all women they can look like the Day of the Dead if they want.

This is Helen waving from her Balcony, November 2, 2007.

If you are planning to join this gang you need first be part of the Burka Gang until the Reveal.