I am Richard and I have a problem with writing blogs.

In fact, dear readers you too have a problem – reading blogs. We are Blog Masters and Blog Readers. We need each other. We are codependent and together make a Virtual Gang – the Blogging Gang. Some of us like to blog and some us like to get blogged. Our Gang works not on the streets and back alleys and Jardins but in cyberworld as part of the World Wide Web.

A Blog Master is created the moment someone is no longer able to keep their thoughts private and are driven to share them with Blog Readers. The Blog Reader is a voyeur who believes they are anonymously rifling through someone’s private thought. As proof, the most read post on my blog is About. You want to know who I am but remember this is cyberworld and I also know a bit about you.

At this point in the most of the Blog Masters want to know how much I am going to reveal about our secret ways and you the Blog Reader just got scared. You thought you were anonymous and that none of the Blog Masters knew anything about you. Well you are wrong. Make an comment and we have your IP address and access to your bank account. Most of us Blog Masters know who referred you to us and what posts you read and what links you clicked. We even know the words you used in a search engine to find us.

We track you daily as you track us. You are one click around from identify theft.

Your actions stir Blog Master to greater and greater activity. A blog master checks three things.

  1. Blog Stats
  3. Links

They want to know how many people read them, what they have to say and who links to them. The links are contained in a Blog Roll. They are the peers or peeps of the Blog Master. Looking at a Blog Roll reveals a lot about the Blog Master.

So how did this Gang get started? What is its purpose? What does it have to do with San MIguel.

Well it started with this

and this

When the first picture taken on a Brownie got developed, the addiction started. The Brownie owner had to show everyone what they had taken a picture of. Not being aware that parents overpraise, the Brownie owner began to believe that people actually wanted to see what they photographed. So every return from a trip required an evening to “See the Pictures” and hear about all the wonderful things in Fort Lauderdale. Soon the Brownie owner, who by then had migrated to Slides, would in a darkened room, before a captive audience, show 2187 slides and creates stories behind each picture. Soon Picture Night became the very reason why Brownie owners travelled.

The other cause was Diaries. Each night before bed, the days events were recorded in what was once a very private place. A habit of recording every unedited thought began.

But Picture Night and Diaries were private unrelated events until the 1990s. In 1991 the first digital camera appeared. You could now print your own pictures on a page. In 1999 the first Blog appeared. There was now a way to put your thoughts on line. Put the two together and now you could put your pictures and your diary on line and share it with complete strangers. Today there are an estimated 112 million blogs. The Gang was born

San Miguel Bloggers

Gangs in San Miguel are clever. In their quest to get more people to join and move to San Miguel and drive up house prices, they have turned to the Internet. The new traveler uses the internet to pre travel i.e. explore new places before they travel and know what to look for before they arrive. The Search Engine is the new Travel Agent. TripAdvisor has sent over 161 people to the Gangs of San Miguel. The Guidebook is the hard copy for travelling. The Blog is the pre travel equivalent. So the Gangs of San Miguel have created a Gang of Bloggers in San Miguel to extol the virtues of San Miguel and rope em in.

The Bloggers

Richard Lander in his Gangs of San Miguel has been been charged with helping those with an Irony Deficiency regain their humor. His blog is summarizes Gangs and makes choosing one easier.

Carol Schmidt in her Blog Falling in Love with San Miguel has been given the responsibility to bring in people who want to live in San Miguel on Social Security (Canada Pension in Canada). Her forums are one money saving idea after another.

Babs who write Babsblog has been charged with bringing nice people to San Miguel. Seems some of the residents of San Miguel are not quite so nice. Babs is always nice.  I wrote that before I met her.  (Joke  – Babs)

Billie Mercer in billiebog has been charged with showing that not all gang members are weirdos carrying Parasols and wearing a rug. She shows what normal people do in San Miguel although her pictures of damaged vegetables and trees might reveal something darker.

John in his Blog Life in Mexico has been charged with car maintenance and road advice in San Miguel. Some of his pictures scare.

Deb Hall in her blog ZOCALO de Mexican Folk Art has been charged with helping residents realize they are living in Mexico. She shows how you can overcome years of shopping at Pier 1 and World Market and actually buy some good stuff and of course Fill Those Walls.

Liberty in her blog Diary of a Brat disproves that everyone in San Miguel is over 80 and provides a Youth Perspective on SMA

Suzanne La Rosa is the new kid on the blog with her blog Living in San Miguel

Jennifer Rose in her Blog Staring at Strangers doesn’t live in San Miguel but often has it in her target finder.

Experience San Miguel is more commercial than personal in nature

If I have missed any San Miguel Blog please comment.

Non San Miguel Blogs

Well.. there are lots and perhaps in a later post then can be highlighted and give residents of San Miguel a glimpse of life outside SMA.


This is a subset of bloggers. It is basically an unedited stream of consciousness on a variety of topics. Nancy her blog Countdown to Mexico has an interesting post on how anonymity brings out the Shadow.. One of the recurring themes or thread is being robbed, getting a ride, finding a good maintenance/construction person, anything to do with a pet, getting ride somewhere, editing Carol Schmidt, selling stuff, and renting an apartment. Here is an exerpt of one entry

Purse picking in front of Trattoria Italiano on the corner of Zacateros and Codo at noon. No police ever! Humongous closed blue truck pulled in front of the restaurant and blocked anything and anyone. I was surrounded by two men (one tall and built well), 3 women, one holding a baby presumably since whatever she was holding was covered with a blanket. ….. Finally they did, I walked 5 steps and looked at my purse which was open and “No Wallet”……..

Be careful out there. We’re not in Kansas anymore and Toto left town.

These aren’t really blogs but collected wisdom.

Thanks to Glenda Robinson for the idea.