Tourism in San Miguel can be a dangerous thing for some people.

It never occurs to many North American tourists that the differences between themselves and locals, could be more than simply talking funny, refusing to speak English, wearing ethnic dress and making folk art. That way of thinking leads to simply being unaware of customs that never occur at home.  The Oblivious Tourist is always a target.

Few Tourists know that in San Miguel a Mojiganga outside a store is an invitation to be Mojigangized.  It is not some simple Folk Art thing but something far more complex. Julia and her purchase-carrier are entering the store to look for cute little blouses.  She never noticed the Mojiganga nor understood what it represents.  Her only motive is shopping.


Little does she know that she is about to be Mojigangized.  Cameras will start to click the moment she crosses the threshold of the store.  Her soul (or what is left of it) will be taken by an artist, hidden in the back of the store and turned into a Mojiganga.   If Julia  returns to San Miguel during any fiesta, she will see herself and every imperfection that makeup, dieting and the right clothes has hidden for years, exposed for the world to see.  She will see Imperfect Julia paraded through the streets of San Miguel.  What started as shopping has turned very bad for Tourist Julia and magical San Miguel will lose some of its charm, well all of it.  So if you are tourist coming to San Miguel be warned that you may be leaving behind far more you think you are.