couple-hatsIf you wait long enough in San Miguel then all will appear.  The Pink Lady appeared a long time ago in the Jardin.  But no other people in the San Miguel were found with matching hat and blouse – twas a pity.

The picture was filed away.

Time passed.

New Gangs were found.

The Pink Lady receded from memory.

But she was  not forgotten.

Then the other day the Blue Lady appeared. 

blue-lady-gang-of-oneThe memory was jogged.  The computer was searched.  The Pink Lady was found again. 

But what gang was this?  Was this a new previously undiscovered gang?  It was like finding a lost tribe in the Amazon.  But closer examination revealed that the Blue Lady is the same lady as the Pink Lady but in a different color combination.

This lady was trying to create the appearance of a Gang but was in reality just one person. She was a clever woman -a  trickster.

But she did not fool the Blog Master but she may fool a reader or two.  There will be no doubt more reincarnations of our Gang of One. Perhaps the Yellow Lady or the Green Lady.

But two more reincarnations and she will be the Gang of Four.