The Car Wash Blues

The Civil List is a place of metaphorisis as Sam soon found out.

Sam joined the Civil List but had only used it to search for information.  He had never read many replies.  Today he simply wanted to share a good car wash place he had been too and did not know that his post would end up as a platform for justice and environmental concerns and change Sam forever.

So he posted on  the Civil List Mon Jan 5, 2009 1:37 pm.

I just had my car washed at a great new place.  It’s a new business owned by 2 nice, English speaking Mexican men at Eco #50 in La Lejona II.  They have great equipment for washing, waxing and can even wash upholstery and headliners.  It’s at a private home, so there is even a nice waiting room with magazines and TV.

What followed  were the usual  Where, When, Who, What questions such as

Where is this car wash?

There appears to be more direction need than a simple address but still it is innocent.

How much did they charge?

It has to be cheap but again a innocent pricing question.

But it is not long before Sam began to experience the evil poster.  If you don’t know, the sound of a firecracker in San Miguel is made every time an evil poster posts.  Evil is a word open to interpretation.  The intent is judgment.

Sam soon found himself judged for washing his car.

car-wash-neighbours1How about using your young neighbors to wash your car? They certainly could use the money.

Sam is now confronted with the conflict between his clean car and poverty in Mexico.  This commenter is always mindful of the poverty around her and looking for ways to solve the problem of poverty in Mexico through finding ways to spread US largesse to neighbors.

Sam started to think about this advice.  Should he always ask his neighbours first, before heading out.  Someone is probably a part time dentists and every Mexican can cut hair.  Most Mexicans have a full farm inside their enclosure so you wouldn’t havet have to go far for farm produce.  Then he wondered if he should probably stay home all day and have his neighbours meet all his needs.  Sam was about to learn about the  Shut In Solution to Poverty.

My neighbour has a Citrus Grove in her backyard and supplies us with all our Citrus Needs.


No sooner had Sam wrapped his head around how he could solve poverty than the environmentalist start to speak.  Self righteousness knows no bounds about pointing out the carelessness and stupidity of everyone.  When you have been charged with saving the earth then you must speak out.

car-wash-bucket2A car wash with pressurized water, is criminal! It uses far too much water. A bucket is all you need. We have to be careful.

Again Sam did  not realize washing his car was a criminal act nor the dangers to the mother earth of pressurized water.  Poor Sam was an idiot to not know about  a bucket of water and the need to be careful with water.  This Poster (although she sees herself as a Crusader) probably drinks her bathwater and only bathes when the dogs start to follow her.  Next she will be asking people who wash their sidewalk to use their own spit.

Sam has not left his house in days and may never post again and his wife is so upset about how dirty their car is.