In his book Art and San Miguel Gang Psychology, Donald Watson says

“When women first pick up a paint brush, or silver wire or glass cutters, or a pen to write in San Miguel, an inner voice that has been stilled for so many years starts to speak. It tells them they are CREATIVE. They rush home and begin to see their home in a different way. They see it as a source for CREATIVITY and a source to help them EXPRESS themselves. So the rugs, drapes, table coverings, bedspreads, curtains, towels, dishrags, table runners around the house soon disappear from the house and appeared as CREATIVE clothing.”

Instituto Allende, Biblioteca, Bellas Artes

When Donald looked around San Miguel he found that the Instituto Allende, the Bellas Artes and the Biblioteca were the three most important places for awakening that CREATIVE inner voice.

The first household item wearers in San Miguel were brave pioneers who suffered mightly from snickers in the Jardin. But as their numbers grew and the gangs formed the snickers turned to whispers. Now women can walk freely and proudly in the Jardin wearing whatever they found that morning on the floor or on the wall or in linen closet. They welcome your stares and pictures because they believe you are honoring their CREATIVITY.

The Noviate Phase in this Gang is to Master the Layer.

Conventional Wisdom, in San Miguel, is that layering is the best way, to deal with the variations in temperature that occur during the day. Or put another way, a day in San Miguel is about a slow strip to cool or a layer up to warmth.

But, as always in San Miguel, concepts are often only half understood. The Layer Gang only heard the layer part but not the reason. So it became all about the layer and not about comfort. Do not be surprised to find a member of this Gang on the ground from heat prostration from all the heat captured and kept by the many, many Layers.

The Layer Gang names each Level of Layer – following a book on Chakras that the original leader found on line and reinterpreted. While each Chakra has its own color and name, the Layer Gang believes that color is an individual choice and should not be dictated by some foreigner and thought that the Chakra names needed to be changed.

pink-chakras2The Crown Chakra became the Hat Chakra. The book said that the color for this chakra was Violet but really any color will do and once you put on this layer your will feel Bliss and develop psychic abilities.

The Third Eye Chakra became the Sunglasses Chakra and the source of Intuition and psychic perception. The sun glasses shield their third eye so the people will not know how little they perceive and intuit about the world around them.

The Throat Chakra became the Scarf Chakra. Your scarf gives you Creativity and the ability to speak in Spanish or English. The color of the Chakra is bright blue but remember you can mix and match Chakra Colors. If you use a Third Eye Color of Indigo for your scarf then you will intuit what Mexicans are saying whether or not they did say what you thought they did.

The Heart Chakra became the Blouse Chakra is all about Love and spiritual love. The color of this was changed from green to Valentine Red because red is more North American . But no gang member is afraid to color up. The bigger your hear the more blouses you can wear. See how this big hearted woman has three Blouse Chakras on to tell the world of her large heart.

The Solar Plexus Chakra became the Belt Chakra and is the source of Will and Power and calming emotions. Yellow is the color. Basically the tighter the belt and the calmer you will be.

The Sacral Chakra became the Pantie Chakra . This chakra is the naughty chakra as it is about Sexuality and Pleasure and every member of this group wears orange panties. This is a very private Chakra and few members will talk about it but walk by their houses and see orange panties on the clothes line and you know there is life under the skirt.

The Root Chakra became the Skirt Chakra. This Chakra is about Grounding and Survival and can control fear. That is why most skirts in San Miguel fall to the ground. As long as skirts touch the ground, the Layer Gang can concentrate on being on this earth. Without this Grounding Skirt, the world becomes a very fearful place.

Some never moved beyond the Noviate phase of the Layer.  Life in San Miguel is acquiring one new Layer after another.

But many are eager to move on to Orginality and begin the Transistion to the higher Level Gangs.