Consider this photo for a minute.


Most people don’t give much thought to the world of clowns.  They are usually contained in a circus or a children’s party or on a box.  But in San Miguel clowns roam free.  Clowns are drawn to San Miguel.  There can be only one explanation – San Miguel sits on a vortex – a giant magnet of energy that pulls people into the surreal; where the surreal becomes real.  This entrepreneur (or pre-clown or plainclothed clown)  has set up a table, in the Jardin, to sell clown shoes with full knowledge that there are clowns about or will be soon be about and he will sell shoes.  The fact, you can buy clown shoes in San Migue,l is proof enough that there is a vortex in San Miguel.  The Gangs of San Miguel spring from this vortex.  This clown shoe vendor springs from this vortex.  The airplane circling SMA today announcing the Circus springs from this vortex.

But the clowns of San Miguel sit among us.  This is not right.  Clowns belong in a circus.  To sit among us,  disconcerts us and forces to examine the clown beside us.  But is there really much of a difference between a clown and a Gang member.  Clowns use the face and clothing to create a personality. Gangs use a facelift and clothing to create a personality. The clown is simply an exaggeration of the Gang – a sort of in your face, hard to ignore Gang.  Literally San Miguel is full of a bunch of clowns.  clowns

Look at the picture.  Where do your eyes go?  To the suitcase – the rolling suit case.  This clown is like us.  He will have to roll that suitcase over the cobblestones to whereever clowns stay in San Miguel.  Is this clown simply mirroring back to us our own lives?  Is he not simply pointing out in a demanding way the Gangness of us all.
What do you say to a clown?  What kind of a conversation do you hold with a clown?  It sort of goes like this? 

So do you live in San Miguel?

Yes, we moved here 3 years ago.

Why did you choose San Miguel?

It is so magical and we bought a place one week after arriving.  People here are so interesting

The tourists now knows he/she is talking to a clown.