Everyone who lives or comes to San Miguel refers to the Magic.  But what is this magic?  Where can you find this magic?   How much does the Magic of San Miguel cost?  Here is but a sampling of San Miguel Magic.

coronaOne of the easiest ways to capture San Miguel Magic is with a bottle of Corona or Dos Equis or any other Mexican beer. Happy Hour is the cheapest way to start as you get 2 for 1. Pay careful attention to how many bottles you need to drink before San Miguel Magic starts. That is called your Magic Threshold and you can now drink to that point to feel the San Miguel Magic.

If you have a degree in Fine Arts or any degree of any kind or if you wish you had a degree, then your magic should come from a bottle of wine. This method of achieving the Magic Threshold can be quite expensive depending on the size of your ego, the size of your wallet and any previously trips to the Napa Valley. The Threshold point is about the same for any bottle of wine but the cost of this type of San Miguel Magic can be quite high.


Did the Tel Aviv police dump marijuana into the Yarkon River?This source of San Miguel Magic is one of the most conflicted in San Miguel. Being a liberal you have to be pro pot. But coming from Des Moines you have a residue of this stuff is bad. Being offered a joint in San Miguel creates the Magic Conflict Moment. You know the Magic will be really quick but you don’t want to go to Jail or have your children find out you smoked a joint.


jewelryA big source of San Miguel Magic is buying or having bought for you jewelry.  There is no such thing as having too much jewelry.  Each piece is unique and special and made just for you.

magic-troubadorEveryone knows that all music is Magic and San Miguel is full of strolling minstals to entertain and create that kind of Magic.  Today was extra special because this Troubador was singing in French.  Everyone in San Miguel knows that French is the language of Love.  Love is Magic and Magic is Love.  All that was required was only a few pesos, put in his hat, to keep the serande going. The fact he didn’t know all the words to the songs mattered not a bit to those entralled with his musica.  San Miguel Magic Music



Who hasn’t been to Paris and sat on a corner bistro with the chairs all facing the street and spent hours having cafe et croissants.   That same magic is here in San Miguel.  Cafe under the Porticos around the Jardin with that special lady or man or lady/man makes for a very special day of memories.


Of course the greatest source of  San Miguel Magic  is ART.  Nothing can stir the heart and empty the wallet more than ART.  Art is everywhere is San Miguel.  San Miguel is an Artist’s Colony.  It was founded for ART.  When you buy art then you are now a part of the Gang of Art Collectors.  The Royal Doulton Figurines get pushed to the background and your new ART collection takes over your house and you.  You can now invite people to view your COLLECTION and let them feel the Magic.


And lastly the source of all San Miguel Magic – the HOME.